Understanding A Roofing Estimate

Roofing Estimate

When you bring in a roofing company to get an estimate on some work that needs doing, sometimes it can be hard to understand what is actually factored into that quote. Better understanding of what factors go into roofing estimates can help you decide whether you think there are aspects of it that are too high or help you understand why an estimate is perhaps higher than you were expecting. A professional roofer will need to visit your home to see the roof, or ask some relevant question to give a proper estimate as certain factors specific to your job may impact on the pricing.

What is included in the assessment that affects the estimate?

Here are just some of the factors that go into a roofing estimate;
• How large is the roof?
• What roofing material is being used?
• How many layers will need to be removed?
• What quality of material is being used? Stronger and higher quality materials cost more.
• Are there any signs of water damage around any skylights or the chimney?
• Has there been any structural damage?

• How much labor is needed for the job?
• How long will it take?
• Is there any waste hauling costs that need to be included and any other cleanup costs?
• How much reinforcement or underlayer is needed to be done?

Choosing a roofing contractor based on their estimates

It is important to remember that roofers do mark up costs on items to cover their own costs. If you have a general knowledge of how much some of these things are you can see how much of a mark up they are charging and see if it is a reasonable amount. Some will offer free estimates. As mentioned some will come to your home to check out the issue and that may include access to the home as well as your roof. Others will just give a quote over the phone after talking in detail with you. The problem with the phone quote is that it is not in writing, and having not seen the roof, their price could change when they get there.

You should choose three bids that are reasonable to you, get a written estimate, and then find out more about each company. Ask for references, look up reviews and see if you can find other work they have done to have a look at. When you compare the estimates look at the materials they use, how long they will be working for, and so on. If there is a lower quote tell the other companies and they may say they will meet that. Get that in writing too.


There is a lot of information that goes into a roofing contractor’s quote. Once you understand the different factors and what are fair prices and fair markups for each of them, you can then better judge for yourself whether a quote (in writing) is worth considering.


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