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If it is time to leave home as you head of to college or university you are now likely thinking carefully about the accommodation options in Auckland that you have. Finding the right option is essential, it needs to be affordable, in a good location to travel in to college each day and it should safe!

A lot of students opt to find flatmates Auckland located as flat-sharing is most often the most feasible option when you are trying to live in a big city on very little money. You not only can split the money on the rent, but you can also spread the cost of bills and such too.

There are several firms who can help with students finding shared accommodation in Auckland whether that is in the form of house sharing or flat sharing. They can help ensure you are moving in with people that you at least have a chance of getting on with, and that there the kind of facilities there that you need.

When you pool resource you are also more able to afford something a little nicer, perhaps closer to campus, and can avoid places that are falling apart and unhealthy to live in.

As well as the most obvious and very important reason for saving money there are other reasons why students and others choose to flatshare. One good reason is the social aspect of it. While the horror stories can be entertaining, usually flat-sharing is a successful thing, and people make new friends. There is someone to come home to and talk to about your day, you can socialize together and if the classes are the same, study together.

Make sure you spend time thinking about who you are sharing with, ask about your flatmates make sure you have compatible lifestyles. If you are a focused student you will not want to share with people wanting to party all the time. Find flatmates Auckland located that have the same kind of aims as you do.

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There are some other important things to take care of to get the flat sharing right. Here are some questions and concerns to ask and think about.

• First of all, make sure you can pay in the way you prefer and check to see what deposit is expected. You also need to ask about whether any of the bills are included in the rent, sometimes heating can be for example.

• If bills are not covered ask about the monthly bills what they are and how they are divided. What happens if one roommate does not cover their share for one month?

• Ask about the transport nearby, how easy is to get to college, as well as other parts of the city? If you cycle, is there somewhere you can put the bike, or if you drive, is there parking?

• What are the rules that have to be followed? It is always a good idea to have some rules when in shared accommodation in Auckland or elsewhere. It is surprising how quickly the kitchen can get dirty, the bathroom unclean and so on. Are there rules for music playing or for people staying over?

Sharing a flat is a great way to pool resources and could be a great experience but you need to find the right place with the right people!


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