Why Is It Advisable to Periodically Maintain Your Trees?

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All trees need maintenance. If you never do it, surely the branches and roots will cause many problems in the future. Many people hire a tree service in Austin because the tree in front of their homes has grown too much, impeding the view from windows towards external spaces. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching a sunset during the afternoon, however, a tree that is too big can make it impossible.

Don’t miss the most beautiful spectacles from nature because of a tree. Call a tree service in Austin and request a tree trimming service immediately. Usually, the same day you call, an expert arborist will visit your home to analyze the situation. A tree that is too large isn’t a risk situation if structural elements aren’t in danger. To regain visibility through the windows, a tree trimming service and a subsequent cleaning of the area is enough to solve the problem.

However, if the roots and branches have begun to displace foundations, beams and columns, more complicated work is necessary. Cutting a tree in the United States isn’t an easy thing. It’s necessary to obtain a permit. If you don’t want to have delays, it’s convenient to hire a certified arborist from a recognized tree service to handle paperwork.

Many tree species are protected in the American territory. If the tree that is destroying your home belongs to one of those species, cutting it will be almost impossible. Many times, to solve these kinds of situations it isn’t even necessary to cut the tree. Only the more experienced tree services know how to handle these kinds of cases. Many times it’s possible to move the tree from its original position to a safe distance from the property, to remove the danger from structural elements.

In these cases, the use of heavy machinery is necessary. First, the soil around the roots is removed. Then, with the help of cranes, pulleys and ropes, the tree is gently lifted from its trunk and then moved to its final destination. If the structural elements are seriously affected, it’s necessary to hire a civil engineer to find the best solution.

In some cases, laws require changing one tree for another. An expert arborist can help you choose a tree whose roots don’t grow too much so that they don’t affect your property again in the future.

Many people wait too long to call a tree service. However, all trees within a property must receive periodic maintenance to avoid situations such as the one described above. While a tree is still small, it’s easier to remove and relocate. If you don’t want to pay for a complete remodeling of your home in the future because of a tree, save a little money each month to pay for a maintenance service.

Always be sure to hire the most recognized Austin companies, to ensure that the work will be done correctly and under safe conditions.


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