Why Calling a Certified Arborist Is Mandatory Before Cutting a Tree?

certified arborists in Austin

Many would desire that cutting a tree was as easy as taking a chainsaw and doing the job for themselves. However, it’s much more difficult than that. Fortunately, international laws protect trees from indiscriminate cutting. Thanks to this, large forests and jungles have been saved from being devastated by man. Areas densely populated by trees are the natural lungs of the planet. If they didn’t exist, surely the greenhouse effect would end life on the planet in less than a decade.

Cutting a tree without proper permission is a crime. Many people believe that sending a written document to the respective authority is sufficient to obtain a permit. But they’re wrong. First, certified arborists must analyze the situation. Some people believe that certified arborists are the people in charge of authorizing the cutting of a tree. But in real life, their work goes beyond that.

The main job of an arborist is to preserve trees at any cost. For that reason, cutting a tree is always the last option. When the tree isn’t too large, it can be removed from its current location and replanted in a protected area. If the tree that is destroying the infrastructure of your house is a protected species, an arborist will give you the best solution so that the tree and your house leave unharmed after the whole process.

Today, construction industry in Texas is facing one of its best moments. Large structures begin to rise throughout Austin’s territory. Unfortunately, in past, large construction companies obtained building permits in forest areas with lots of protected tree species. In those times, many green areas were turned into gray concrete jungles, causing a terrible impact on the environment. However, with the imminent danger that the world faces due to the greenhouse effect, new restrictions have been applied to protect the planet’s natural resources.

Thanks to certified arborists in Austin, the construction industry is environmentally more aware. To protect trees and animals, certified arborists in Austin with the help of public institutions have denied permission to build ambitious real estate projects.

Therefore, the next time you think about cutting down the tree that is causing problems to your home, think about the legal consequences that you might face in doing so. With the help of an expert arborist, you’ll surely find a solution that doesn’t harm the environment. If cutting the tree is the only option, an arborist might suggest planting another tree species with less invasive roots in the same place.

A tree for another tree. That’s the best philosophy to solve a tree problem without affecting life on the planet. Always remember that every time you hire a certified arborist, you’re showing that you really care about the planet.


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