When Is It Necessary to Contact a Tree Service?

Austin Tree Service

All living things owe our survival to trees. They give us food, wood and pure oxygen. Thanks to trees, the devastating impact of greenhouse gases has been minimized. Without a doubt, trees have helped to preserve life on the planet for thousands of years.

For that reason, today trees are almost a world heritage and cutting them without proper permission is a crime in many countries. However, although trees provide many benefits, it’s also true that they can become a real obstacle during construction work. Also, roots from large trees are strong enough to destroy everything in their path, including basement walls, foundations, pipes and underground cables. If the tree in front of your house gets bigger and bigger, it’s almost sure that you’ll have problems in the future.

Many times, obtaining permission to cut a tree is almost impossible. In other cases, it’s necessary to pay high amounts of money to do so. While the tree is bigger and older, it’s harder to remove. Local laws of many countries don’t authorize the cutting of a tree until an expert arborist has examined the situation. Unfortunately, not many people have so much passion to devote their entire lives to the study and preservation of trees, for that reason, finding a professional arborist these days is very difficult.

If you manage to contact them, you will surely have to wait several days for them to come to your house to obtain a permit, due to their busy schedules. Therefore, many people who aren’t willing to wait too long make the serious mistake of cutting their own trees and even poisoning them with herbicides, gasoline or kerosene to make the job simpler. But doing that is the worse thing you can do. You’ll pay too high fines in the future or even worse, you could go to jail.

Fortunately, in Texas, there are many services that can help you obtain the necessary permits quickly and easily to solve your tree problems as fast as possible. The best way to find a reliable Austin tree service is through the Internet or yellow pages. Just by making a call, an expert arborist from an Austin tree service will come to your house to analyze the situation.

Many times, it isn’t necessary to even cut the tree to find a solution. Maybe selective pruning is the end of the problem. However, if an arborist from a tree service in Austin determines that cutting the tree is the best solution, there’s nothing else to do. Depending on the size of the tree, the work can extend from one to several days.

If the trees near your home are causing trouble, don’t hesitate to call an Austin tree service. They’ll find the best solution to the problem and you’ll save yourself from problems with law.


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