Proper Tree Care an Important Thing

Proper tree care

Proper tree care is necessary to keep the trees healthy. They should be watered and have mulch around them. When you plant a tree make sure you water it regularly. A tree requires around 25 gallons of water a week. Every season you should mulch to keep the soil moist and prevent weeds. When mulching use leaf compost or shredded bark.

When mulching use 3inch space around the trunk of the tree. Lawn mowers and weed whackers should not be used near the tree as the roots may get damaged. Trunk guard should be placed at the tree base to protect it from small animals and rodents and guard its nutrients and water.

Importance of Proper Tree Care

Proper care will keep trees around your home healthy and prevent any damage in case of a storm or any natural calamity. Regular pruning can get rid of weak and diseased branches and maintain required symmetry and spacing. A properly pruned tree will not only look good and healthy but would also be resistant to wind. You can decrease extreme temperatures by laying a thin layer of mulch around the base of the tree in winter and fall.

You must know the different trees in your property to be able to care for them. The most important procedure for maintaining trees is pruning. When pruning you must understand the tree biology or the tree could be damaged.

When should pruning be done?

You can do routine pruning to get rid of dead, diseased and weak branches anytime during the year which will not affect the tree but if pruning is done before spring growth then wound closure and growth will get full advantage. A few diseases that affect trees like the oak wilt can spread through access from pruning wounds. Trees that are susceptible to oak wilt should be pruned during periods of active transmission.

There are different pruning techniques that should be adopted to maintain mature trees in a safe, healthy and attractive state. These techniques include:

• Cleaning – branches that are diseased, weak and dead as well as dying are removed from the crown of the tree
• Reduction- the size of the tree is reduced for clearance of utility line. The height of the tree is reduced by pruning the leading branches and branch ends to secondary branches that are wide enough to take the terminal position
• Raising- lower branches of trees are removed to make a place for buildings
• Thinning – certain branches are removed selectively to improve the structure

How should you care for trees around you?

Trees are required to maintain the global environment. All living beings breathe fresh air which we get from trees. We breathe in oxygen which we get from trees. Having trees around you can purify the air. We give out carbon dioxide which is taken in by the trees. So pruning and maintaining trees in a healthy condition will help to keep the air around you clean.

Trees are fragile and need a lot of care to adapt to the environment, soil, air, and water. Pruning is needed regularly to get rid of weak and dead branches and help the tree to grow in a healthy condition.


Proper tree care will help trees to grow in a healthy condition and provide you with clean air to breathe.


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