Metal Roofing Or Flat Roofing – What is better?

Metal roofing is roofing that is more complex and requires experienced installers and techniques. You also need more parts and pieces for it to be a success. Metal roofing is quite common especially if you are living in places that face extreme weather conditions. It lasts ten years or more than asphalt and shingles.

Metal roofing comes with a wide range of options and flexibility which most of the other roofing materials lack. It is lightweight and roof installers can easily handle it. It does not lay unnecessary stress on the structure. It decreases damage to the frame and upholds the integrity of the building. Metal roofing is known to last 50 years or more. It is also non-combustible and fire resistant.

Advantages of a Flat Roof

Among the different materials used for roofing flat roof is the cheapest. The installation is cheap as well as the material used for the flat roof. A flat roof is also cheap when it comes to upkeep and maintenance. If you have a flat roof for your home you can shift you’re air- conditioning on the top and also install solar panels. The remaining space can be used to design a living room and a roof garden.

Disadvantages of a Flat Roof

If you have a home with a flat roof and you need more space in the house then you can have an apartment on top. This is a special benefit for homes that need extra space. Maintenance of flat roof becomes affordable when you have to clean gutters, and make repairs. You can also install solar panels and satellite dishes without much expense.

A flat roof also has a few disadvantages especially if you live in a place which has heavy monsoon showers. Flat roofs do not have as good drainage as houses with a pitch. Sometimes water accumulates and forms a puddle which leads to breaking down of roofing material and leakage especially on the seams.

The biggest disadvantage of a flat roof is the non-availability of material. Materials line bitumen, EPDM, rolled roofing, TPO, and rubber are available which can be used to cover the flat roof but their lifespan is about 10- 15 years. There are other materials like polycarbonate roofing, rubber shingles and PVC roofing available but the cost is high and their lifespan is not known.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs have a lot of advantages they last for over 50 + years. They come in different styles that can enhance the look of your home and neighborhood. They are resistant to fire and if you live in windy place panels can be interlocked for extreme wind resistance. Metal roofing can keep homes cooler while preserving the integrity of the structure.

Metal roofing is available in a wide range of colors to meet the design trends of modern homes. They come with concealed fasteners for weather tightness and beauty. Metal roofing can be recycled after its lifetime. Today you can get metal roofing with intricately designed profiles. Metal roofing comes with heat Barrier Finish which helps even dark colors to reflect radiant heat


Metal roofing lasts a long time and provides good protection against the vagaries of nature whether it is snow, rain or sun while flat roof does not last as long.

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