DIY Tree Care Guide for Home Owners

Trees can beautify any property besides providing tranquility and shade. They can enhance the value of a property. Trees are necessary to keep the environment healthy. Winter is the time when most of the trees can be pruned. As winter sets in check for unruly branches and prune them. Then inspect the trees for limbs that are dying, showing sign of disease and insect damage. Then nourish them with organic mulch and water. Extend the growing season of the coming year by planting new trees in the fall.

Healthy trees will not lose limbs, snap, die or get attacked by termites. If you keep your trees healthy there will be no damage to your property and home.

How to trim heavy tree limbs?

Trimming heavy tree branches is not an easy task. It should be done carefully not to damage the bark or get in the way of the natural healing process. When a branch of a tree is cut off, the tree prepares a special callous tissue over the cut to keep out disease and decay. The scar will remain forever on the tree sealed so that the tree can continue growing.
Trees should be pruned correctly so that we do not interfere with this process. If pruning is not done correctly trees will be weak and susceptible to diseases. When cutting a branch do not cut too close to the trunk as the branch collar is responsible for forming the scar tissue and if you cut the branch collar the tree will have a hard time to recover.

Tree Care Tips

When dry weather goes on for long time landscape trees depend on homeowners for water. The amount of water that a tree requires depends on a lot of factors, like the type of soil, weather and time of year besides the species and age. Trees that are young and newly planted have to be watered regularly than older trees which are well- established. When drought extends for a long time trees can benefit with additional watering.

During drought, our goal should be to provide additional water for small trees to grow and for older trees to remain healthy. Excessive watering should not be done as the tree gets used to irrigation.

Tree Removal Services

Homeowners can do a lot of work around their homes like planting, pruning, and trimming of trees but if they have to remove a tree it is best to call tree removal services. Tree removal services remove a lot of trees and stumps during the year by taking precautions to protect themselves and sometimes also get injured. Homeowners without any training cannot remove trees from their property and if a tree has to be removed they should call tree removal services.

It is dangerous for homeowners to get involved in tree removal because of the tools associated with the task. There are wood chippers, chainsaws, and other hand tools which can inflict serious damage to hands legs or arms. Asking professional to do the job will be a lot simpler than doing it themselves and getting hurt.


Homeowners can plant, trim and prune trees on the property around their house and improve the aesthetics of the place.

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